How to make DIVI slider arrows visible all the time?


DIVI is one of the best WordPress theme so far. It came with a lot of cool features which makes it very easy for a non-tech guy to design a website in a very shorter time.

DIVI provides a built-in image slider which is very customizable. When there are multiple images in slider it is recommended to show slider arrows otherwise your site users will consider it a static image unless you have enabled auto-scroll for it.

This tutorial will guide you how to enable slider arrows all the time.

Click on module settings:


Open Content tab and under Elements, select YES for  show arrows:

Click the green tick button to save settings.

Now open theme customizer and under Custom CSS add following CSS snippet:

/* show slider arrows always */
.et-pb-arrow-next {
     opacity: 1;
     right: 22px;
     opacity: 1;
     left: 22px;

After adding the CSS snippet, the slider arrows will become visible all the time.

That’s it!

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